50 Best Gift Ideas For Quilters

Published on September 29, 2017

Finding a perfect gift for a quilter might not be as hard as you thought it would be. Anything that helps to inspire, simplify or teach, is a great choice. Here's a handy list of 50 best gift ideas for quilters you can’t go wrong with. 

1. Quilter's Gloves


Gloves help grip the fabric, guide the quilt, and keep all sewing items from slipping. Pair of quilting gloves might not feel like a necessity, but they will take off much of the added stress and pressure on fingertips, and make quilting much easier. Quilter's hands will thank you for that gift.

2. "I Am Just A Happier Person When I Am Quilting"

It's well known fact that quilting has a calming effect, and will make a person more happier. Help her share the excitement and joy, that quilting gives.

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3. Fat Quarters Fabric Bundles

Quilting is a very expensive hobby, and quilters are always in a need for more fabric. Help them out with this easiest gift you'll ever make.

4. Candy Color Cotton Fabric

When you're shopping for fabric to give as a gift, don't be afraid of patterned fabric. Any kind of fabric make quilters happy, so why forbid this bliss. Holiday fabrics, novelty prints, text prints, low volume prints - everything goes.

5. 501 Quilting Motifs: From the Editors of Quiltmaker Magazine

A fabulous book with so many doable quilting designs! Every quilter needs this one. Featured 501 quilting motifs and over a thousand arrangements makes this book a "quilters' must have".

6. Rotary Cutter

Good quality tools are essential for beautiful quilts, and rotary cutter is a quilters must-have. This cutting tool is the greatest - it cuts right through the fabric with no problem, there are no frayed edges, and there is plenty of room for hand.

7. Self Healing Cutting Mat For Rotary Cutters And Quilting Rulers

Very sturdy self-healing mat. It stays in place, and is perfect for rotary cutters. Not to mention the beautiful purple color.

8. "I Turn Thread And Fabric Into Quilts What's Your Superpower?"

Quilt making is an art form and a wonderful expression of the quilters personality. It is not exactly easiest hobby to have, not to mention the time it takes. Show the appreciation for the effort with this superpower mug.

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9. Stripology Quilting Ruler Template

Good ruler is something worth to invest in. It should grip the fabric, be a bit heavier than usual rulers, and should not flex as easily. Quilters refer to this ruler as the best investment ever made in quilting tools.

10. Erasable Marking Pens

Every quilter needs a good erasable marker. It will easily come out with washing, and there's no need to worry about ironing. Also, they are excellent to use with stencils. 

11. Large Quilting Stencil

Stencils are effective tools quilters have been using for hundreds of years. It's the easiest and quickest way to mark free motion quilting projects for sewing. Help her design that next quilt she's planning.

12. Quilt Pounce Pad With Chalk Powder

Quilting pounce pad with chalk powder makes transferring stencil patterns to the fabric a breeze. It makes it so easy, and will decrease the time needed for transferring stencils. Hint: #11 and #12 would make a great set.

13. The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt: Letters from 1920s Farm Wives and the 111 Blocks They Inspired

Great patterns and nice stories - not a traditional quilting book, but very enjoyable. It is a coffee table book with 111 quilting blocks, along with the letters from simpler times. Meant for a quilter who loves to read as well as quilt. 

14. "Of course I talk to myself when I quilt, sometimes I need expert advice."

Awesome quilting shirt is great for wearing at quilting events. Once it's time has passed, it can be one piece of an extraordinary T-shirt quilt. Two gifts in one item.

15. Quilting Pins

Good quality proper quilting pins are always needed - they should be sturdy, sharp and easy to see on the fabric. Extra length and big heads are a bonus. 

16. Long-Arm Quilting Machine

When budget is not an issue, a proper long-arm quilting machine will make every quilter happy. This machine separates beginners from experts, and helps speed up the quilting process. It is a "must" for a quilter who wants to earn money with quilting.

17. Oliso TG1600 Smart Iron

Quilters spend a lot of time pressing and ironing, and a good quality iron is on top of their wish list. Not ironing the fabric can result in inaccurate cuts, and it’s impossible to make the items look polished without a good pressing. Help her avoid all the potential mess.

18. Ironing Mat with Silicone Pad

This ironing mat is perfect for limited space or for multipurpose cutting table. Also wonderful to take with when going to a quilting class or a quilting retreat.

19. Flynn Multi-Frame Quilting System

This quilting system is a working solution to any tension issues, and is ideal for a quilter who does not have the room for the big long arm quilting machine. It's easy to put away, and will work with any sewing machine.

20. Complete Guide to Quilting

Great reference book for beginners as well as intermediate quilters covering all the major aspects of traditional quilting. It is well written and easy to follow, and will give all the confidence needed to tackle a new quilting projects.

21. A Black Coffee Mug "Born To Quilt"


"Born To Quilt, Forced To Work" is a fantastic gift for a quilter who works full-time, and has to carve out time for the hobby on her days off. This mug will keep her mood up, when she's stuck at work.

22. Janome NQM2016 National Quilting Museum Sewing Machine

Perfect sewing machine with all the bells & whistles. It runs quietly, is great to sew on, and it has a very easy to navigate LED panel. Highly recommended by many quilters.

23. Edmunds American Legacy Quilt Frame

A quilting frame is like a pair of helping hands, keeping the quilt taut when working. This quilting frame has a light sturdy design, and is very easy to put together. Extremely helpful tool for a quilter who quilts by hand.

24. Mini Steam Iron

This portable iron is great to take with when traveling, and for pressing quilting block seams as well. Anyone who does patchwork, absolutely needs to have this iron - it will change everything.

25. Rotary Cutting Mat Set

If quilters travel with quilt supplies, then portable quilting tools are essential. This puzzle mat is a great one to have - easy to take with, easy to put together, and no need to worry about cutting blade marking the surface.

26. "Housework Is For Those Who Don't Know How To Quilt"

Who has time for housework, when one can use it for quilting. Show your support and understanding with this funny quilting shirt. Let her know, that someone understands. 

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27. Fabric Cutting Machine 

A rotary cutter may be cheap and convenient, but a serious quilter absolutely needs some decent assistance on this. This easy to use fabric cutter is a great help when cutting heavier fabrics or multi-layers, and will greatly reduce the amount of time spent on it.

28. Step-by-Step Free-Motion Quilting

This book holds many beautifully illustrated free-motion quilting designs to choose from, and will take away all the stress of doing even the most complex designs. A terrific source of ideas and inspiration. 

29. Designer Scissors - 2 Piece Luxury Set

Razor sharp scissors that cut effortlessly and precisely all the way to the points are something quilters are always looking for. Give them a gift of the heirloom quality sharp scissors that last a lifetime in a beautiful leather case.

30. Quilting Room Wall Art

Help her design the dream sewing room with this great looking wall art. It's busy enough to arouse interest, but not too colorful to take the glory away from her quilts. 

31. A Funny Quilting Mug "A Day Without Quilting Probably Won't Kill Me But Why Take The Risk?"

Quilters love to spend every day with their hobby, and it's a torture for them to stay away from it. This funny mug will surely make every quilter laugh, and help them make a statement.

32. Floral Wall Art

Every quilting nook needs an inspirational wall art, and it does not necessarily have to be about quilting. Choose something that will arouse interest, and inspire, but won't outweigh her next quilting project.

33. Quilting Design Wall

Design wall will help a quilter preview blocks before sewing, and no more laying pieces out on a bedroom floor. It's portable, and easy to put together.

34. "Keep Calm And Quilt On" Coasters

No one likes water or coffee rings on the coffee table, and don't even mention those excessive marks on a quilting table. Coasters are a fun gift for a quilter who loves to drink tea or coffee while quilting, so she doesn't have to worry about it anymore. Add a funny mug with the quilting design, and you're good to go.

35. Quilt Design and Fabric Estimating Calculator

No more wasting fabric! It will help calculate how much fabric is needed, convert yards to metres, and help out almost anything a quilter would need to figure out before starting with her quilting project.

36. Removable Wall Lettering

Wall decals have now become one of the most preferred items for giving an instant makeover to any room. It's a quick non-messy way to decor a quilting room or a sewing nook without the extra hassle, and in addition, it's also removable.

37. Sewing Machine Quilt Holder

Finished quilt is a work of art, and should be treated as such. Help her showcase her latest finished quilt with this sewing machine hanger without compromising the integrity of its design. 

38. Quilters Memory Book

Quilters memory book is meant for designing new quilting projects or writing down thoughts on finished ones. It's a diary of goals, difficulties and feelings. Help her to be inspired by something she loves to do.

39. "Quilters Come With Strings Attached"

Quilters are very considerate and caring people, and they do come with strings attached. Let them show off their quilter personality with this fun and witty quilting shirt.

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40. Sewing Basket

Lack of storage is a painful topic for most quilters, so you could help her out with that. Sewing basket is a useful gift for a quilter to store all the bits and pieces in one place, and take it to a quilting retreat or a quilting class without the hassle.

41. Double Deep Fabric Storage with Removable Dividers

In addition to never ending urge for more fabric, there's also a strong need for the place where one can hold it. Help her tame her stash with this handy storage bin with removable dividers.

42. Quilting Necklace "When Life Gives You Scraps Make Quilts"

Necklace with the quilting quote will never go out of style, and is loved by every quilter, whether she's quilting at home or sharing her trade secrets with other quilters at a quilting show.

43. Quilt Designs Charm Bracelet

This bracelet is a unique gift with awesomely detailed charms - rotary cutter says "quilter", little scissors look just like stork scissors, and tape measure has all the readable numbers.

44. "I Quilt So I Don't Unravel"

Quilting is a great way to relax and release the stress of everyday life. "I quilt so I don't unravel" is the perfect statement to showcase this.

45. 365 Free Motion Quilting Designs

Fantastic compilation of stitches in one comprehensive book from blocks to borders. Best for an avid quilter who's doing a lot of free motion sewing with a long-arm.

46. "I Don't Need Therapy, I Just Need More Fabric"

"I don't need therapy, I just need more fabric" is a quilters motto everyone should know. If you haven’t noticed, quilters love fabric, so help them spread the word.

47. Quilters Travel Case

Quilters often take their unfinished projects to vacation, and there’s always an issue with unfinished quilt blocks, and countless notions. This water resistant quilters travel case is great for holding such things without a mess.

48. Portable Cutting & Pressing Station

Portable pressing and cutting mats are handy if quilting is not done on the same surface all the time. This convenient portable mat is in perfect size for trimming, piecing, or cutting templates on the go.

49. Sewing Machine Trolley

Often, quilters would like to safely transport their sewing machines, and believe it or not, good sewing machine trolley can mean the world to some. Pick a light but roomy, smoothly rolling trolley, that has a lot of pockets.

50. Quilter Full Length Apron with Pockets

“I cooked today, I made a quilt sandwich!” Is a popular quilting joke, that might give a false impression, that quilters don’t like to cook. Some quilters do enjoy cooking as much as quilting, and this apron is perfect for it.

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