12 Best Quilting Blogs (Updated)

Published on November 06, 2020

Quilting might be something you would declare as old fashioned but blogging about it can be pretty exciting. Almost everywhere you go, you will come across a quilting company. And now in this technological era, you are going to find a number of quilting blogs and various successful pages on quilting. Thanks to the internet, these quilting communities have been brought together on a single platform and you can use this as an opportunity to learn some amazing tips and tricks and tips in this area.
Various sorts of individuals appreciate quilting and quilting blogs which enables quilters to meet up to and talk about their encounters, at the same time allowing to give each other valuable tips. Quilting bloggers regularly share photos of their work, as they talk about the subtleties of their cycle with others who share their advantage in sewing. There are a ton of extraordinary quilting blogs out there;however they can change over the long haul. 
A few bloggers get excessively occupied with life or other work to continue publishing content to a blog, so they quit posting. Nonetheless, there are in every case new bloggers anxious to join the knitting network. We set up an extraordinary rundown of best quilting blogs that are current at this moment. 
Regardless of whether you are simply beginning with your first piece, or you are hoping to take on a tremendous project, you'll discover motivation in this rundown. Hence if you are a quilter or if you are into quilting, then these are some of the quilting blogs that you need to bookmark.
Apart from glancing through every one of the quilting blogs bellow, make certain to consider what you like about every one of them. Remembering this, we will likewise be strolling you through the cycle of the fact that it is so natural to begin with your very own blog. So let us begin. Enjoy the list!

1. Nancy Zeiman

Nancy Zeiman, a great quilter who contributed to quilting greatly, passed away on 14 November 2017. But even after her death, her blog still remains a great source for people who are passionate about quilting. Throughout her life, she wrote many books on quilting and even got a chance to connect with her audience through television appearances. Being the spokesperson of Baby Lock Sewing Machines made her well-known amongst the people. Not only this, but she was also the founder of Nancy’s Notions. Those people who are looking for awesome and practical tips to improve their quilting skills must check out her blog.

Check out the Blog here: https://nancyzieman.com/blog/

2. The cutting table quilt blog ( A blog for Quilters by Quilters )

Undeniably the most successful and top rank blog handled by a family of quilters. The lead quilter here is Jenny while the other family members do not stay back at giving her a hand in running the family business. The blog is notable among Missourians as the go-to for quilting tips and procedures. Their quilts are done in an aesthetic manner, loaded with lively tones and shapes that will excite the most doubtful quilter.The blog owner is additionally the CEO and owner of the Missouri Star Quilt Company that offers an everyday quilting deals through the "Day by day Deal."Not only this, but you are also going to find a number of other quilters supporting it as well as contributing their ideas and tips that benefits the viewers. 

3. Christa Quilts 

Christa Watson has composed a few educative andinformative quilting books. With more than twenty years' involvement with quilting, Christa Quilts has become a power that must be regarded. Besides being an extraordinary quilter, she's likewise an astonishing instructor with the correct words to pass on the information. 
The most helpful part of the blog is the place where she turns out stitching instructional exercises. There's a bounty of accommodating tips, thoughts, and strategies on the blog which is truly useful. You can likewise arrange her knitting books from the blog.
Check out the Blog here: https://christaquilts.com/

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4. Keepsake Quilting 

Keepsake Quilting was established as a catalogue in 1986. After two years, reacting to client interest, they opened a retail quilt shop in Center Harbor, New Hampshire. The shop has become a traveler objective for quilters from around the globe; and the catalogue, a definitive resource for quilting textures and supplies. Keepsake has both, an offline and an online presence, much the same as The Cutting Table. Having a magnetic appeal, this blog is going to provide you with information dealing from what kind of quilting fabric to use to how to improve your quilting.
They convey an enormous choice of the best quality cotton textures and a huge range of quilt designs, kits, books, tools and ideas. Not only is this, but a bonus point of this blog is that it will update you on any quilting events happening. 
Check out the Blog here: http://keepsakequiltingblog.com/

5. Blossom Heart Quilts

Directly out of the core part of Japan, AlyceBryth gives out little pieces about her love and interest for quilting. Not being a very experienced quilter allows more newbies with an option to utilize her blog as a beginning stage. She's a self-trained quilter who has developed to turn into a specialist. 
Being an accomplished school teacher, she has compared her instructing abilities to educating and writing for a blog about quilting. She additionally has a digital book in her possession, making her a much recognized and published blogger.

6. The Electric Quilt Blog

A touch of deviation from the normal quilting blogs you previously looked at. On the off chance that you love on-screen quilting plans and designs, then you definitely need to bookmark this blog! Here you will be refreshed about most recent quilting ideas accessible to you. More like an online platform gathering with the correct advisers and instructors who are bloggers.
For all the newbies out there, you are going to find some new amazing and enthralling ideas that will take your quilt to the next level. Along with all this, you are not going to have any difficulties in understanding the basics and all the principals of quilting as they are available on the platform itself. 
Check out the Blog here: https://doyoueq.com/blog/

7. Love Patchwork and Quilting 

Love Patchwork and Quilting is the top of the line current quilting magazine that shares your enthusiasm for fabric. They make 13 magazines per year, including must-sew projects, interviews basic techniques, news and feedback from the world of quilting. 
Blog Editor, Alice, has been a part of Love Patchwork and Quilting since it was introduced. She has been super-occupied with keeping the team on track and making sure that they do not drown in the pile of fabrics and quilts that make their appearance every month. She's the innovative power behind the magazine, working with their superb supporters who come up with fun, new tasks that even contributes to each issue. The blog highlights 100 pages of quilting, interwoven and texture projects, highlights, news and feedbacks with a really contemporary core interest.

8. Laundry Basket Quilts 

Edyta is the owner and the founder of her organization, Laundry Basket Quilts. She is glad to carry on her family custom that includes threads and fabrics flawlessly sewed together through the ages. Her actual energy and quilter's soul radiate through her classes, presentations and workshops. She travels everywhere on the world sharing her encounters and association with quilters of all levels through the motivating stories about the quilts she makes. 
The mix of motivation, an adoration for fabric, a sharp eye for shading, and her family lessons mixed into the formula for an ability in creating astounding quilts, making creative stitching designs for Laundry Basket Quilts, planning delightful Traditional and Batik fabric textures for MODA and amazing threads for Aurifil is what makes her and her blog so popular.

9. Suzy Quilts

Suzy Quilts is established in a profound love for the legacy and convention of quilting and a longing to create remarkable, contemporary fabric pieces. Having done BFA in visual communications, Suzy utilizes her graphic designing to change regular sewing into a new, individual interpretation of unique modern designs.
Apart from being a member from the Modern Quilt Guild, Suzy is also a the expert ambassador of BERNINA along with a Craftsy instructor and has also been published in the Modern Patchwork, Modern Quilts Unlimited, QuiltCon Magazine, Modern Quilts: Designs for a New Century, and has collaborated with huge cooperations for example Toyota and Crate & Kids as well as Birch Fabrics, Hoffman Fabrics, Art Gallery Fabrics Windham Fabrics  and Cloud9 Fabrics.
Check out the Blog here: https://suzyquilts.com/

10. On Point Quilter

Kari Schell, an expert award winning quilter is an amazing electric quilt expert and a pattern designer. She adores helping different quilters draft the quilts they had always wanted utilizing Electric Quilt programming. Her web based learning has made figuring out how to release the intensity of Electric Quilt open to all owners of EQ7 and EQ8. Her uncontrollably well-known Easy Peasy method gives a blend of brief video exercises and composed directions to address your learning style and make utilizing Electric Quilt an upbeat encounter. 
Her blog, On Point Quilter, gives top-notch machine sewing, quilt examples, and guidance to intrigued customers. It is her central goal to assist you with making outstanding presents for your loved ones.
Check out the Blog here: https://www.onpointquilter.com/

11. Superior Threads

Making top notch threads, needles and coming up with brilliant ideas is what Superior does. Coming out on top in thread and needle instructions, they have a tremendous assortment of instructive articles, video recordings and guides which are completely free of charge.
Their goal is to make all quilting and sewing fans become familiar with threads, needles, ideas, sewing, and quilting. They not just show the standards of how to utilize instruments in a more proficient and energizing way, they additionally underscore how basic upgrades, for example, changing strain and coordinating the correct needle size to the top string, can have a sizable effect in line quality and in general sewing achievement.
Check out the Blog here: https://www.superiorthreads.com/

12. Fons And Porter

At Fons and Porter, you will discover quality content, ideal for quilters of each level, regardless of whether you just got the bug or have been knitting for quite a long time. Here, you'll discover stitching procedures, tips, and tricks from quilting specialists pointed towards helping you improve your aptitudes slowly and carefully. 
You'll additionally discover data about quilt styles and squares, similar to their famous Block Friday arrangement where they profile distinctive quilt squares and give you recommendations on utilizing them in your quilts. They likewise talk about a portion of the significant inquiries in sewing like: how to bind your quilt and whether you ought to pre-wash your quilt fabric, alongside certain surprises.

How to start a quilting blog in just a few minutes?

Quilting is something that a number of individuals are enthusiastic about. Some of the time that energy is solid to the point that somebody may even start a blog around the theme. While the idea of a quilting blog may appear to be senseless or strange, it's really an extraordinary method to flaunt your ability and furthermore all that you've made through the craft of sewing and quilting. 
With more people continually hoping to gain proficiency with the expertise of crafting with their hands, quilting blogs are rapidly winding up as one of the top assets for figuring out how to do this. People all over the world are making sites, blogs and online videos that really walk clients through the cycle of making their first quilt or much further, taking up quilting projects. A few bloggers are even successful bringing in cash through their blogs with on advertising and providing their own products, services and courses.
Since you have had the chance to see a portion of the top quilting blogs on the web today, you are most likely prepared to begin with one of your own. Incredible news! It's entirely simple to begin and there is no specialization or site plan aptitudes required. 
To begin with your very own blog, all you require is a domain name and web hosting. With these two components in your hands, you can likewise have WordPress installed on your computer, which will act as your main platform that will store your site. So if you know how to make use of the internet, at that point you are more than prepared to have your very own blog.
Bluehost is now one of the top hosting sites that provides you with multiple benefits and is highly recommended for blog creating purposes. It is already hosting more than 2 million domain names and websites today on the internet. Not only has this, but being a site partner with Bluehost, Wordpress offers you free domain name along with different discount offers on their web hosting packages. So if you are into it, do not wait anymore and get in gear to make your own successful blog page today!

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