What It's Like Being Married To A Nurse

Published on January 17, 2017

Being married to a nurse is sure to make you feel proud. After all, they are tasked with taking care and meeting the needs of a variety of hospital or clinic patients on a daily basis. Although this seems nice and all, there are some things a nurse's spouse may experience due to the nature of their profession:
Nurses are really good at multitasking. So good in fact that they make you look totally incompetent. When they dish out a task to you, you are incapable of completing it as swiftly as they could have, or as perfectly as they could have. And they aren’t ashamed to let you know it. They so do not understand that the majority of “normal” folks can’t simultaneously prioritize and do a hundred different things all at once, finishing any given task quickly and efficiently. You pale in comparison to their productivity skills without a shadow of doubt.
Another thing you'll likely experience while being married to a nurse is that you might wake up or go to sleep alone. Nurses are either gone or going out the door when you wake up, or they work during the night shift and you’re left going to bed all by yourself. On the days that they’re working, you never get the chance to eat breakfast together if they work during the day shift.
Although they know very well that you are not fascinated at all by gross stories, being nurses, they still feel the need to tell you regardless. Then you'll go on to make the same face every single time they begin talking about something weird, gross or disgusting that occurred during their shift. You’ll keep emphasizing, “I don’t want to know!” But they narrate to you anyway, every day, knowing it will not elicit a different response.
It typically relates to a story involving some kind of bodily fluid or something odd and unusual about a patient. After some time, you give up and just pretend as if you’re interested, until one day you surprisingly find yourself being genuinely interested.
Another thing is that you feel just like a single parent on the days that your spouse is out working. The majority of nurses work 12-hour shifts, which is practically like a 14-hour shift including commute (on an easy day). They go to work before anybody's up and they’re home right before everybody goes to bed. You are the one that prepares breakfast, you get your children ready for school and you prepare dinner, since who enjoys eating at 9 p.m.? When they arrive home, they take a shower right away to wash off any killer germs, so in reality they aren't “available” for another thirty minutes after they reach home from work. By that time, the children are almost asleep and they’re so exhausted from their day at work that they’re very ready for bed as well. Hopefully they do not work three days in a row, or else you can pretty much forget about that fourth day.
If you happen to be married to a nurse, one thing is almost certainly guaranteed – you start believing you can pass off as a doctor. It’s as if half-listening to their explanations of every disease or treatment process makes you qualified with some kind of imaginary medical degree. And you don’t believe that you are a nurse. You think you are even more qualified than the actual, licensed individual you’re married to. So you’ll often try to medically-reason your point-of-view, as if you know more about health-related subjects than the nurse you’re married to.

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