Gifts to Show Your Appreciation For the Nurse in Your Family

Published on August 23, 2016

Nurses spend most of their time caring for patients who are too sick to be with their family. Most of them don’t get weekends off, and they spend all that time hard at work. It is a hard job with long and strenuous shifts. If you want to get them a gift, make sure that it is something that they will find useful. We have a few gift ideas for nurses and if you have one in your family, pick out what they need the most. 

  1. More sleep - Nurses don’t get a lot of sleep. When you are working 14 hour shifts, you barely get enough time to lie down. Anything that can help them add a few extra winks to their night would make for a great gift.  

  • Sleep mask – It can be hard to fall asleep if there is light in your room. Unfortunately, a lot of nurses work night shifts and get to sleep only in the mornings. A cool, thick and soft sleep mask can make all the difference. They are practical, affordable and make for an incredibly thoughtful gift. You can get one for as little as eight dollars.  

  • Blackout curtains – Whether you are working a day shift or a night shift, it can be quite difficult to sleep if light creeps in through the windows. While a sleep mask is great start, blackout curtains just up the ante for sleep deprived nurses. You can get a panel for as low as ten dollars. Make sure you get at least four of them as most bedrooms have at least four windows.  

  1. More money – Nurses don’t make a lot of money. They have a demanding workload and their salaries do not usually keep up with the inflation rates, stress levels and the added responsibilities that come with the job. Unless they change their jobs regularly, they aren’t going to get paid more in spite of all the experience they have. Here are a few ideas to increase the capital in a nurse’s bank account. 

  • Help them ask for a raise – Although this seems counterintuitive, it works like gangbusters if done right. They cannot just barge into the office of their manager and ask for a raise. Read up on proven tactics and help them to draft a proposal that clearly outlines why they deserve a raise and how much they want. 

  • Higher education – A lot of healthcare employers will give a pay raise when their nurses obtain a higher degree. They will also cover a major portion of the tuition fee, and most of the nurses qualify for grants and scholarships that are more than enough to pay for the education. If they are not able to get a scholarship, pay for their tuition so that their future is secure.  

  1. More time – If there is some way you can save up time in a bottle, no one would benefit from the extra time than nurses would. Since you cannot exactly do that, you can gift them a book on effective time management. Learning some fundamental time management practices can make all the difference between a stressed out and a well-adjusted nurse.  

  1. Stethoscope tags – Most of the nurses have stethoscopes that look practically identical. A stethoscope tag is a simple, personal and affordable alternative. They will use it every day at work and it will remind them of you. Bear in mind that this isn’t something that you can just pick up at the local gas station. So, you will have to plan a little ahead if you want to gift this to a nurse.  

  1. Comfortable shoes – Considering the fact that nurses work for long hours on their feet, comfortable shoes are an absolute necessity. You will be able to find a lot of medical shoes and nursing clogs online, for both men and women. Go for shoes that have shock absorbing soles. They are perfect for nurses who spend long hours walking along hospital halls. Most of them come with in a wide variety of widths, which is absolutely crucial for maximum comfort. Make sure you do your research and know the exact foot size of the person before you spend money on a pair.  
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