Top 100 Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Published on September 20, 2020

My newborn was sleeping in my arms and I was looking at his face with his little, but manly, fists clenched under his chin. He was sleeping and probably didn’t have any idea what was going on. We had already packed our bag and ready to go home when the nurse entered the room. 

“It’s time, love. You have to make your decision because we are kicking you out in an hour” she said, smiling, as she left our hospital room.

She just stated the obvious which we had managed to ignore. I looked at my husband and he shrugged.

Our sweet little man didn’t have a name yet. I had called him by many names before he came into this world, but now was the time to pick one.

I looked at his little face and brushed his eyelashes cautiously. I was looking at my boy’s face for the hundredth time that day and I said out loud both names that were on my shortlist. In my head, I imagined my boy all grown up into a fine young lad running around the house as I called him. I adored one of the names but the other just didn’t hit me much. Of course, my husband disagreed.

But as the good nurse said, we had to do it right now.

“I don’t like that one much,” I said. “It doesn’t feel like it’s him. The name is fine but I don’t see him grown to be this.” 

He sighed and shook his shoulder. We were tired to convince each other and we were waiting on the other to succumb. He did.

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“Alright”, he said, “this time, I’m going to let you decide. But, I’m going to name the next one!” It was the deal and we shook hands over it.

When the time came, he did name the next one. We both had our turn and it worked like a charm.

For many couples, it is always hard to find and settle on a name that both partners will love. Many go through hundreds and thousands of names and pick out one, only to find that their spouse is not half as much as thrilled as them. You really feel like ending up in a blind alley after crossing many miles on foot.

It’s perfectly normal to drown in the sea of baby names and still come out short. To make it a little easier for everyone, I’ve sampled thousands of names to get the top 100 baby boy names with meanings. I’ve gone through multiple sources to get the ultimate version- the short one.

The best way to use that list is to make a score sheet and mark each name with a number. This will make the task easier. The list will grow short gradually and you’ll have the perfect name for your baby boy at the end.

Top 100 Baby Boy Names With Meanings

  1. Ace – From Latin, meaning “one, unity”.
  2. Aiden – From Irish, meaning “little and fiery”.
  3. Aldo – From Italian, meaning “old and wise”.
  4. Alexander – From the Greek, meaning “defending men”.
  5. Andre – From French, Portuguese, meaning “man”.
  6. Anton – Another form of Anthony, a male name of Latin origin, meaning “priceless one”.
  7. Apollo – From Greek mythology, means “Destroyer”.
  8. Archer – From English, meaning “bowman”.
  9. Arlo – Name of a place.
  10. Art – From English, Celtic, meaning “noble one; bear man”.
  11. Asher – From Hebrew, which means “fortunate, blessed, happy one”.
  12. Ashton – From English, meaning “ash trees place”.
  13. Aspen – Name for nature and place.
  14. Atticus – From Greek, Latin, meaning “from Attica”.
  15. Beckham – From English, meaning “homestead by the stream”.
  16. Benji – Another way to say “Benjamin”, a male name of Hebrew, meaning “son of the right hand”.
  17. Bennett – From English, meaning “blessed”.
  18. Benson – From English, meaning “son of Ben”.
  19. Benton – From English, meaning “bent grass enclosure”.
  20. Braxton – From English, meaning “Brock’s settlement”.
  21. Bruno – From German, meaning “brown”.
  22. Camden – From Scottish, meaning “winding valley”.
  23. Carden – From English, meaning “wool carder”.
  24. Carson – From Scottish, Irish, meaning “son of the marsh-dwellers”.
  25. Casen – Another way to say Cason, a modern invented boy’s name.
  26. Chandler – From French, meaning “candle maker”.
  27. Charlie – From English, meaning “free man”.
  28. Cooper – From English, meaning “barrel maker”.
  29. Easton – From English, meaning “east-facing place”.
  30. Ellington – From English, meaning “Ellis’s town”.
  31. Elliot – A male name meaning “Jehovah is God”.
  32. Emerson – From German, meaning “son of Emery”.
  33. Emmett – From Hebrew, German, English, meaning “universal”.
  34. Everett – From German, English, meaning “brave as a wild boar”.
  35. Felix – From Latin, meaning “happy, fortunate”.
  36. Finley – From Scottish, Irish, meaning “fair-haired hero”.
  37. Finn – From Irish, meaning “fair or white”.
  38. Finnian – From Irish, meaning “fair”.
  39. Fletcher – From English, meaning “arrow-maker”.
  40. Flynn – From Irish, meaning “heir of the red-haired one”.
  41. Gabriel – From Hebrew, which means “God is my strength”.
  42. George – From Greek, meaning “farmer”.
  43. Giovanni – From Italian, meaning “God is gracious”.
  44. Grant – From Scottish, meaning “large”.
  45. Grayson – From English, which means “the son of the bailiff”.
  46. Henry – From German, meaning “estate ruler”.
  47. Hudson – From English, meaning “Hugh’s son”.
  48. Hugo – From German, Spanish, Portuguese, meaning “mind, intellect”.
  49. Humphrey – From German, meaning “peaceful warrior”.
  50. Jack – From English, meaning “God is gracious”.
  51. Jasper – From Persian, meaning “bringer of treasure”.
  52. Jax – Modern name.
  53. Jesse – From Hebrew, meaning “gift”.
  54. Jonathan – From Hebrew, meaning “gift of Jehovah”.
  55. Joshua – From Hebrew, meaning “the Lord is my salvation”.
  56. Jude – From Latin, meaning “praised”.
  57. Julian – From English, Latin, meaning “youthful, downy”.
  58. Kasey – Another form of Casey, a boy’s name of Irish, meaning “brave in battle”.
  59. Kingston – From English, meaning “king’s town”. 
  60. Knox – From Scottish, meaning “round hill”.
  61. Lance – Another word for Lancelot, a male name of French, meaning “servant”.
  62. Lennox – From Scottish, meaning “elm grove”.
  63. Levi – From Hebrew, meaning “joined, attached”.
  64. Liam – From Irish, meaning “resolute protection”.
  65. Lincoln – From English, meaning “town by the pool”.
  66. Linden – Another word for Lyndon, a boy’s name of English, meaning “linden tree hill”.
  67. Logan – From Scottish, meaning “small hollow”.
  68. Luka – Another word for Luca, a male name of Italian, meaning “man from Lucania”.
  69. Maddox – From Welsh, meaning “son of Madoc”.
  70. Marcel – From French, meaning “little warrior”.
  71. Maxwell – From Scottish, meaning “great stream”.
  72. Michael – From Hebrew, which means “who is like God?”.
  73. Miles – From English, Latin, meaning “soldier or merciful”.
  74. Milo – From German, meaning “soldier or merciful”.
  75. Nicholas – From Greek, meaning “people of victory”.
  76. Oliver – From Latin, meaning “olive tree”.
  77. Oscar – From English, Irish, which stands for “God spear, or deer-lover or the champion warrior”.
  78. Otis – From German, meaning “wealthy”.
  79. Paxton – Of Latin, meaning “peace town”.
  80. Quinn – From Irish, meaning “descendant of Conn, chief leader, intelligence”.
  81. Quintin – From Latin, meaning “fifth”.
  82. Reed – From English, meaning “red-haired”.
  83. Remy – From French, Latin, meaning “oarsman”.
  84. Rubin – Another word for Reuben, a male name of Hebrew, meaning “behold, a son”.
  85. Samson – From Hebrew, meaning “sun”.
  86. Sawyer – From English, meaning “woodcutter”.
  87. Sebastian – From Greek, Latin, meaning “person from the ancient city of Sebasta”.
  88. Silas – From English, Latin, meaning “wood, forest”.
  89. Sloan – From Irish, meaning “raider”. 
  90. Solomon – From Hebrew, meaning “peace”.
  91. Theo – From Greek, meaning “divine gift”.
  92. Victor – From Latin, meaning “conqueror”.
  93. Wesley – From English, meaning “western meadow”.
  94. Weston – From English, meaning “from the western town”.
  95. William – From English, meaning “resolute protection”.
  96. Winston – From English, meaning “wine’s town”.
  97. Wren – English bird name.
  98. Wyatt – From English, meaning “brave in war”.
  99. Zane – A male name meaning “God is gracious”.
  100. Zeke – From Hebrew, meaning “God strengthens”.

Didn’t take too much time, did they? It was because I spent hours to make it easier for all of you.

This was my ultimate list of 100 mot handsome baby boy’s names and their meanings. I spent extra time on finding the meanings because fancy words aren’t enough. They should mean something- something elemental- which parents could relate to when they think about their sons.

Now, you are thinking: “It’s all sorted out. My baby boy will be called...”

Hold your horses, please! After this much research and sifting through directories, what if you find out that your spouse does not agree with you. Better yet, he is playing with his own ideas.

Fret not, there is a methodical way that works. 

Make two copies of the worksheet and give one to your spouse. 

It’s simple from there. You both read and rate each name without consulting, all on your own. This precaution is to ensure that the result is purely consensual. When you are both done grading names, compare your sheets.

The name that gets a good score from both of you will be your baby boy’s name.

It seems obvious now, doesn’t it? That’s the beauty of it.

A Pro Tip: To make this process timeless, make sure to keep both sheets in the baby’s keepsake box. I am sure he’d love to read the names when he grows older.

If you are expecting, it’s the best time to consult with your spouse to zero down on a name. And if you are like, waiting in the hospital room ready to be kicked out, I pray that you find the perfect name for your baby boy before the authorities throw you out of the hospital! 

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