Things To Do In Denver (Colorado) This Weekend

Published on December 03, 2020

Being a traveler gives a peace of mind that you are a free soul, allowed to roam around the world savor all the beauty it needs to offer. When we talk about tourists and travelers, there are two distinct kinds:

• Those who love landscapes and places that are not filled by people from all around the world. In fact, they discover new spots and find solace in them.

• The other kind are the ones that feel really at home when they are surrounded by crowds. They love to make connections and feel at home in the cityscapes.

With the recent pandemic, it is not difficult for average tourists to reach their favorite destinations in time and struck off places from their wish lists. It is important to take precautionary measures to curb the spread of the virus that has crippled the world economy and forced a large proportion of the global population to remain indoors.

This is a crucial hour but that certainly does not stop us from planning ahead!

We all know that planning is crucial for any trip. There is so much that needs to be done in both personal and official circles before you could set out for an exciting journey.

So, let us just say there is no pandemic and you need to lock on a destination that has everything to offer for both the wilderness dwellers and the city crowd-lovers. If you are having a hard time getting a heading, here is the best suggestion for you – Denver!

Denver is considered to be the epicenter of American tourists’ haven with countless destinations including points of interest, must-visit attractions, and some of the most exciting vacation spots in all of the Northern Hemisphere!

There is still one thing to get into your account: With all these great spots, you need to have a map and a plan on which areas should you visit during your stay in Denver.

We can help you with this one. In this post, we will take you through some of the finest points in the city that offers a great range of mood settings and priorities. So, stay tuned.

Without any further ado, here are our pickups for those who need to browse through Denver:

Denver Botanic Gardens

If you are up for a soothing walk without the bustle of the city, you will find yourself right at home in this wonderland. Denver Botanic Gardens is a must-see, especially for those who love nature in its purest forms.

With the area ranging over 24 acres, there is so much to savor in this garden. The main attractions include a number of eye-catching sculptures, pools for a refreshing dip, and a variety of gardens.

For those interested in art and sculpture, in particular, check out:

• A piece by famous sculptor Dale Chihuly. It is called “Colorado” and it is made up of glass with a characteristic red and yellow spikey design.

• The other most visited piece by visitors is by Deborah Butterfield. It depicts a novel sight of a horse being stripped bare.

• Named by the great French artist Monet who painted lilies in his landmark paintings, there is a lily pool for the art-lovers who want to pay homage to the maestro – Monet Pool.

For the gardens, you will find mesmerizing gardens with the ability to withstand drought. This includes a Children’s Garden by Mordecai and a Japanese garden to kick back and relax with friends and family.

There is a gift shop for those who need a souvenir!

Clyfford Still Museum

While roaming around in Colorado city, you will find two giants standing next to each other:

• Denver Art Museum

• Clyfford Still Museum

For the latter, it has over 3,200 abstract pieces, created by Clyfford Still. He was a world-renowned expressionist artist with a huge impact on twentieth-century art.

Inaugurated a decade earlier in 2011, the museum houses the collection of some of the most influential pieces by the great artist. This ranges from the early sketches that he created in the 1920s to all the way to the more refined on-canvas pieces he made in the 1950s. So, you can observe the artist’s progress from a novice to a master!

The best part is that it is not much crowded most of the time, which means you can have a personal experience while looking at the art that has influenced many generations of painters in the subsequent decades.

You will regret not taking a look at this joint!

Mount Evans Scenic Byway

Being on a road keeps you going! How about a scenic spot for sightseeing along Colorado Highway 5? If you are not up for a hike, you can always drive through the stunning views and collect great shots of the landscape. All you need to do is pay the toll and ride from Echo Lake’s Highway 103 up to the Summit Lake road. At its peak, it is over 14,264 feet above sea level and the scenery is a must to behold.

The passage is not open for the whole year so you can do it only when it is permissible to drive, since it is the tallest paved road in all of America. But you will find that it is one of the best spots that you can visit in the area.

All is not about driving through because there are many erected “stopping points” where you can pull over and take a look over the edge of the road of the Rocky Mountains.

No doubt one of the “top” places in Denver that you need to visit, isn’t it?

Denver Art Museum

This joint is one of the top art-related places across the whole length and breadth of Colorado, which makes it a must-see for both art-lovers and common tourists.

Located in the famous “Golden Triangle Creative District”, it houses around 70,000 unique art pieces of artists from all around the world. The building in itself is a piece of modern architectural art that will get a wow factor from every visitor before even stepping in the building!

At DAM, you will find seasonal exhibitions of pieces from new and classic artists as well as the permanent fixtures that adorn the halls and walls of this beautiful building, both for the critics and the collectors.

There is not one exhibition that you should visit but there are plenty and all organized under the supervision of professional curators. So, there is something worth-seeing all around the year.

It does not matter if you are not even remotely interested in art, this amazing place will make you think twice about what it has to offer!

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Looking for a place to have the feeling of what Colorado has to offer in its nightlife? Fret not, because we have chosen just the perfect place for you! Not to mention it is a fun place to enjoy music and entertainment.

Red Rocks Amphitheater sports a natural look and design, thanks to the natural red rock sandstones which is the only building block in its construction.

For those who are exploring Denver during spring and fall, you will get yourself an exclusive treat to some of the best musicals or an early bird film screening. There is no discomfort in viewing the shows or enjoying what else the amphitheater has to offer, which goes on throughout the year.

If you are not made for the crowds and live shows and need to breathe in an open area with breathtaking views, this is still the place due to its mind-blowing aesthetic qualities.

Coors Field

This gets a lot of attention from sports lovers, especially football lovers.

Coors Field is the most visited location for its casual and family-friendly vibes which you do not get in other ballparks. It is named after the famous beer that the city is even known for, which is another thing you should put in your traveling diary for references.

Colorado Rockies, a major league baseball team that has fans all around the states, call this field its home ground. It covers over a whopping 76-acres and has a seating capacity for over 50,000 spectators. For the lucky ones who get the seating around first-base areas or in the right field, they can have a breath-taking view of the Rocky Mountains ahead of them.

But if it is not the game season, what does the place offer to the visitors?

There are many activities that will keep people of all ages occupied, such as ground tours of the field that provides ample introduction to the baseball world. With the interactive areas, you can try your muscle in video batting cages and bowling pitches.

In downtown Colorado, this is the must-see place for:

• Watching the game

• Sampling tasty snacks

• Touring the fields and getting inside knowledge of the game

So, do not miss out on this one while you are still in Denver!

Empower Field At Mile High

Again, a playing field for baseball, but this is not just it!

The mighty Empower Field is situated inside the world-famous Mile High Stadium of Denver which is the home for many record-setting events in the history of sports such as the Super Bowl. It includes the victories of local Broncos against multiple rivals throughout their history.

If you are a baseball fan, you would love to cheer the playing teams while enjoying the game in a whopping 76,000-seater stadium with amazing views for the game.

And if you are not a sports lover, there is still so much to explore. Although, you should give it a try. The energy of the crowds and the adrenaline-rush is through the roof!

Like the Coors Field, there is plenty to watch besides the play. For instance, you can take a look at public art displays that the field has to offer, so that you can scrutinize the pieces on the go. There are also ground tours that will give you a glimpse of some of the crucial spots in the game including;

• Locker Rooms

• Broadcast Areas

• Entrance Tunnel For The Players

& Many More!

Forney Museum Of Transportation

It does not matter if you are into modern, high-speeding race cars or vintage collectors’ models that will magically transport to some past era, this place should be on your list for what it is.

The Forney Museum of Transportation started with the private collection of J.D. Forney, the father of Forney Industries. The first of the many were from his children and wife, an antique car in 1961, which got him started. This little endeavor started to become a passion of Forney who then collected some of the most exotic, special, one-of-a-kind automobiles from around the world. It was said that if it had wheels, Forney would consider it.

Now, the museum hosts over 600 models with many added to the collection every year in the spirit of the collector.

Following are some of the attractions that many visitors find irresistible:

• “Big Boy” locomotive – originally, it belonged to Amelia Earhart, the first-ever American aviator who flew solo across the Atlantic.

• Herbie – The Love Bug – this car was used in the movie of the same name and garnered many followers for its unique and lovable shape and size.

For adding a unique touch to the museum, the administration has added mannequins with weird eyes to add to the hilarious factor, both around and inside the cars.

It could be a strange place to visit, but if it is your cup of tea, do not miss it for the world!

Larimer Square

It takes you to the romantic era of the 1920s, that is for sure!

This site is considered to be one of the most beautiful places throughout the US, with so much to offer to visitors in great sights, sounds, and stores. It should be a must-visit on your list if you are up for a serene walk through the downtown.

The creation of the city starts from here, meaning Denver starts growing from here and transform into the beautiful Colorado city!

It has ample history for the students and the common people. In the recent path, it fell into the pitfall of deterioration but timely steps of rehabilitation put it back to its feet.

Larimer Square is not a “plaza” kind of square that you will find in many of the European cities. Contrary to this, it is a street that covers around a block of the area with a variety of shops where everyone could buy something for everyone, including clubs, boutiques, bars, restaurants, and much more.

If you are planning to visit Larimer Square, only delicious food, serene air, and a soothing experience awaits you!

Adams Mystery Playhouse

For those who are looking for an exciting and thrilling experience in Colorado this weekend and want to bring the kids along for an unforgettable evening, Adams Mystery Playhouse is the destination.

If you are wondering what exactly is this establishment, it is a dinner buffet place where you can enjoy a great meal while actors and comedians show their pieces for the evening. The dessert here gets all the sweeter with the jokes and pranks of the actors.

And when at the end of the dinner, you were looking for the mystery part, it happens!

You will experience a murder mystery in the thick of things. It is an interactive play in which you can fully participate and help to find the clues, munch on a few snacks, take a look at some more performances. In the end, you will get to experience how the mystery was solved.

The team that helps with more clues will be awarded many exciting souvenirs. So, if you want to be the hero of your kids instantly, this is the fun place to start!

Denver Zoo

Who does not like zoos?

It is one of those places that do not care much about demographics and other divisions that are much more dominant in other spheres of entertainment. The main reason is the experience of witnessing nature in its rawest form which is scary and exciting at the same time.

Denver Zoo was first opened for the public in the 1890s and luckily, it has gotten better with every passing day!

The best part about this place is the thought that went into its establishment. It is designed on the same pattern as one of the naturally preserved places in Kenya, making it a tourist attraction. Anyone who had ever visited the place confirmed this: You will feel at the center of a wilderness where all the action of hunting and preying takes place.

The Denver Zoo hosts around 4,000 animals in its premises that greatly resemble their natural habitat. Covering a vast area of 8 acres across the famous City Park, visitors are often struck with awe after looking at some of the regal creatures kept in the showcases.

There is a whole ecosystem to observe that ranges from invertebrates and birds all the way to aquatic creatures, reptiles, mammals, etc.!

There are interactive activities such as you can get to listen to the lectures of the feeding staff if you visit the zoo during feeding times. The administration also organizes shows and exhibitions that involve giant Lego replicas, photo safaris, animatronic dinosaurs, and so much more.

So, connect this weekend with nature at Denver Zoo!

Tattered Cover Book Store

Enough of the outdoors and scenic landscapes, if you are winding down from the busy and hectic routine of sightseeing and touring, there is a perfect place for you to take a break.

Tattered Cover Book Store is one of the striking places in the literary circles of Denver, not to mention it is the biggest independent book store in the city.

From its humble origins in Denver in 1971, the store has opened more than 4 locations outside of Colorado and we know for sure why.

This cozy place houses a large collection of books, spawning any genre you can think of. The staff here is literate and can help you with anything you may need in this shop.

There are armchairs to sit in, with warm coffee, an air of calmness and intellect that will envelope you for your stay there.

The cherry on top is the seminars and reading tours by authors that often drop by and interact with readers.

Beautiful stationery is available so you can have a souvenir for your friends and family from a place that you will find hard to forget.

So, if you are just browsing and thumbing through the books, you want to buy some paperbacks for your loved ones, or you need to sit and read for a few hours in a serene and calm environment, this is the joint!

Craft Beer Tour

Denver is one of the cities where you will never feel thirsty!

The reason is its many breweries that manufacture one of the many best beers in America.

For the visitors that are soon going to leave, a quick tour of the Craft Beer in Colorado city should not a thing to be missed.

At the heart of downtown Denver, you can catch a two-hour tour that will tell you all about how the famous craft beer is made from scratch. There are many kinds of tours depending on the depth they will let you explore. The most sought-after is the one that gives you four major stops in the manufacturing of this renowned beer.

Here is the route map:

• First – you will learn how the brewing takes place. This is the foremost thing in the process.

• Then you will be taken on a trip to one of the brewpubs that started this craze for craft beer in Denver.

• Take a drink at a brewery founded by the governor!

• Stop at one of the most exclusive bars in the state.

If you love a pint at the end of the day and lover to collect trivia just about anything, this is the place for you to visit this weekend. You can also have a great souvenir in the form of a beer-tasting glass along with historical and insider knowledge of how this famous craft beer is produced.

So, for those who want to have craving for beer and do not want to go out, this is the perfect getaway!

Cheesman Park

Not like a mystery playhouse, because this place is legit haunted and scary!

Cheesman Park is situated in the central part of Denver and considered to be one of the most haunted places, not in just Colorado but all around America.

It covers around 80 acres of area that is now covered by lush green grass and trees that look perfectly natural for a typical park. For the haunted part, you do not need to dig much deeper!

Back then, the area was one of the originally 320 acres of a cemetery that was once used by Colorado city, known as Mount Prospect. There are was clear segregation in the cemetery on where someone must be buried based on the wealth of the departed.

One end was reserved for the rich that was adorned with flowers and other natural elements, giving it a look of paradise on earth. Contrary to this, beggars and thieves were buried in the other corner that was not a pleasant sight to behold. People that fall in the middle category of both were buried in the middle.

The city stepped in and got control of the cemetery once it started deteriorating. It disposed of over 5,000 unclaimed bodies often by cutting them into small bits and turn into natural compost.

So, now you know where the place has got its scary name!

Not for the average visitor, this attraction in Denver is maybe for those who like all the things macabre and scary!

American Museum Of Western Art

Just not for the art-lovers, if you are around Denver and need to experience the memorabilia and pieces of historical importance, the American Museum of Western Art is your stop. The best part of this is that it is never over-crowded which gives you an opportunity to become intimate with exhibited items.

The edifice, in which the museum is located, was erected back in 1880. Then, it was used as a school for women which was known as the Brinker Collegiate Institute. When it was closed and after a dramatic turn of events, this place was used as a brothel for the elite where the entrance was only an underground tunnel for the purpose of secrecy and discretion.

Then entered William Foxley into the picture and bought the place. He spared no expense and turned into the museum that we know now!

The foremost ambition of the museum is to promote the real spirit of western life, starting from the early 1800s to all the way to modern living. As far as the collection goes, you will find a lot of historical objects, not just related to Colorado. The most famous of this is the Anschutz Collection, an exhibition of firearms.

You can also sign up for the tours that will give you an in-depth insight into over 200 different pieces depicting different eras.

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Looking for a unique fun night in Denver and want to make it as novel as possible? Welcome to Stranahan’s!

This is not just a brewery with a linked bar to get a decent pint of beer. You can get much class by touring one of the best breweries in the world.

For those who want to start their evening a bit too early, that can be arranged too at this distillery. The in-house bar sports a rustic, begotten western feel which will transport to the era of cowboys and gunslingers. On the other side, the distillery exudes modern industrial vibes with steel beams and corrugated metal as the main décor ingredient.

The fun part about this is that you will get the tastiest liquor in town, no matter where you are having it.

Then, there are people camped outside the distillery to get their hands on the limited-edition Snowflake, one of the anticipated renditions by the establishment.

Drinking part aside, you can always have fun browsing through the different departments where one of the finest whiskeys in the world is made.

Union Station

Back in the gold rush days, Denver city was at the center of prospecting. So, it is only natural to find history here and there during your sojourn in Colorado.

The Union Station serves two purposes proudly:

• It is the emblem of the city’s vibrant past with so much to explore for the visitors and students of the history.

• It serves as the most effective and economical transit system for the public in downtown Denver.

Not to mention it is one of the homes for the finest entertainment and snacks in the city!

For those who have time and cut out for that sort of thing, a night out at the station would become a lifetime experience for you. There, you can have a happy hour at the Terminal Bar which is not a bad start for the evening at all. Head further and you can catch Union Station’s Orient Express-style Cooper Lounge to get a little tipsy over a fine assortment of cocktails.

There are many shops, boutiques, etc. for those who do not feel hungry or thirsty, across the whole length and breadth of this enchanted landmark.

Visit the Union Station and you may find a thing there that will make your day!

City Park

While roaming around the city looking for the best tourist spots online, you might have come across the name “City Park” several times. This is not an accident; we can assure you that!

Its importance lies in many aspects:

• Location – it is roughly in the LoDo side of the city of Denver, joining both downtown and uptown areas of the city in a seamless fashion.

• Area – with its whopping 330 acres of area, this park needs serious exploration.

• Attractions – both the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science are in close proximity to each other in the area that lies under the City Park premises.

On the whole, Colorado is not short on attractive sceneries and tourist spots, but you will find this park to be a great point to stop and catch your breath.

When roaming around in the park, you cannot help but marvel at the city’s skyline against the backdrop of the Rockies. This is a sight to behold as it shows the amalgamation of nature and industry.

On the other hand, you can savor the romantic silhouette of the old Spanish-style pavilion in the evenings. The views are really mesmerizing and otherworldly when compared to other attractions of the city.

After spending the day in the outdoors, you can sneak into the Museum of Nature and Science for an indoor educational session to learn about the history of the earth.

No matter how you see it, you are not going to lose a day on it!

Denver Mint

After so many attractions, it is highly unlikely you are still looking for another attraction. But if you do, how about a tour of the working coin mint in the city of Denver.

It is one of the memorabilia of Colorado’s mining days when the area was at the center of the gold rush. The Denver branch of the National Mint was erected to take advantage of the rush to produce coinage for the US Mint.

It serves as the museum for those who need to have a closer look at how raw metals turn into functional currency. That does not mean it is not working now. It does and produces over 50 million coins a day!

If you are eyeing to catch the details about the manufacturing, design, and rich mining history of Colorado city, you can get into the Denver Art Museum for an in-depth tour of the processes involved.

Note that the tours are free but extremely popular among students and visitors alike. The administration serves follows “first come, first serve” criteria to accommodate all the hosts. So, there are chances you may need to wait in the cue but it is worth it!

The best way to enjoy a tour is to come early in the morning and have a 30 minutes head start to clear security.

Denver Museum Of Nature & Science

If you need to plan a whole day to do only one thing, why not visit the Denver Museum of Nature & Science?

For the lovers of natural sciences and other tourists, this is the place to examine scientific exhibits to learn about the history and the future projections of the world. It is not hard for a new-comer to get to this museum because there are many buses in the fleet of city transit that have this establishment as one of their dropping points.

If you are at the Denver Zoo, this museum is just on the south and packs as much fun as the zoo, if not more!

A museum that is dedicated to the study of the physical world, you will find a bizarre tradition in this edifice – finding mythological creatures!

This was started by the painter Kent Pendleton, back in the 1970s. If you are eagle-eyed and one of those people who can find things that are hidden in plain sight, there are plenty of hidden gnomes and elves for you to be uncovered.

Washington Park

Washington Park is known for scenic landscapes and beautiful forests, which makes Colorado one of the anticipated tourists’ destination across the US. As far as the outdoors destination of Denver goes, Washington Park is the crown jewel of the city with its lush green stretches and soothing effect on the visitors.

So, how about a whole day dedicated to browse through the length and breadth of the park while you are in the city?

When you are finally in the park, there are two attractions that should not be missed:

• Paddleboat.

• Exploration of Smith Lake with a rented bike.

You only have to reach the famous boathouse next to the park and you are good to go!

For the families touring the city, there is another lake called Grasmere Lake that sports a vast playground so that kids can have enough sun and joy among the wonders of nature.

If you are seeking a green haven, you will find the best place in the shape of Mount Vernon Garden. The place is famous to host every citizen with a smile and an open heart.

Zip your way along the dedicated track through the whole length of the park. And when you are tired, you can always catch your breath on one of the benches installed by the park.

The Room Of Lost Things

You can call it a “home to memorabilia” or “nostalgia shop” but a name like “The Room of Lost Things” is bound to catch your attention, even though you are not interested in the history at all.

Still, if you set some expectations for the place and hoped to be wowed by the place, it will not disappoint!

The shop is located at the heart of Santa Fe Arts Districts and is based on the premises of oddity and alienation.

If you are a person with odd tastes and inclinations that others may find, well, odd, this place should be at the top of your must-visit list while you are in the city of Colorado. Browse through countless aisles, stuffed with things that will certainly make you stop and think for a while. The main attractions of the place include mummified Prairie dogs that are lining the shelves through the length of the store.

These things will make you love them or hate them and if you are not sure which one is this, you can always ask the staff which is eager to help the clients every chance they get.

Do not forget to buy yourself a fossil souvenir on your way out!

Molly Brown House Museum

There is a reason why you should be familiar with the name of Molly Brown. If you think this should not make the final cut for the ultimate tourist destinations in Denver, you are clearly mistaken.

Margaret Brown was a renowned activist and a philanthropic. The reason for her fame was not her generosity or her fight for the causes, it was something else.

She was aboard the doomed Titanic ship that was sunk by an iceberg in her maiden voyage across the Atlantic. Again, if you are thinking she was one of those passengers that went to their watery graves that night, you are also mistaken!

Molly survived and told the world about what happened at the night Titanic went down. This earned her the title “Unsinkable Molly Brown” by the public.

Still, there are many interesting aspects of her life that you can unearth by visiting the house. Even the house itself can double as the site of culture and heritage.

It was erected in the late 1800s, it has statues of lions sitting on the top of the pillars at the front of the house, thus getting the nickname – House of Lions!

Visit the house-museum to learn what life was like in Victorian Colorado, or you can have a thorough tour of the house and you can learn about the hidden details of Molly Brown’s life and her determination in the face of imminent danger!

Kirkland Museum Of Fine & Decorative Art

Another art place in Denver? You are right. Believe it or not, Denver is at the center of Colorado’s “art stops” with so many joints to browse and explore while you are in the city.

It is not hard to convince an art-lover, but if you are a common person who appreciates a thing of beauty whenever you lay eyes on it, a museum could be the best place to have the best time of your life.

Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art is a highly-respected place in the art fraternity, though it has not penetrated into the folds of pop culture. Situated in Denver, this establishment has a unique “salon-style” way of showcasing its finest pieces.

The collection there is professionally-curated and covers a wide range of art and art movements. There is an international art collection with pieces from all periods since 1870. Step into the three-room studio of Vance Kirkland and experience how a renowned artist worked and created masterpieces in this stay there.

Denver Center For The Performing Arts

Your fun in the city would be incomplete without visiting all the theaters that are managed by one of the largest nonprofit theater organization in the US.

With a wide range of programs including cabaret, musicals, or other innovative plays, you will always find something to your taste in the Denver Center for The Performing Arts.

Keep in mind that:

• If you need a more intimate and close experience with the stage and the performers, you will be at ease in the cabaret-style Garner Galleria Theater that has around 200 seats for the spectators.

• If you have something flashy in mind like a Broadway-style musical, Buell Theater will always be happy to oblige you. It has over 2,800 seats to house the guests which would be enough to help you wow your friends and turn them into theater-loving persons.

On a lighter note, Denver Center for The Performing Arts does not discriminate on the basis of age or preference. It means you will always find something to your taste!

Children’s Museum Of Denver

If you ask a kid about how excited he is about visiting a museum, the answer would not be encouraging to you. Truth be told, as a child, there is no fun in staring at the exhibits for the whole day that do not move. They need thrill and stimulation!

We would not suggest you take your kids to such museums, but how about the one with loads of interactive options?

Children’s Museum of Denver is the place!

You can easily mark the best thing from your kids’ visit to the city by taking them into this fine, delightful establishment. There are plenty of things for the juniors to try out:

• Wall Climbing

• Electricity Demos

• Hands-On Engineering Stations

• Interactive Art Studio

Before visiting the joint, you can check out their website to have a look at what they offer that given day.

So, do not miss out on this one and you may revive their interest in all things interesting!

Colorado State Capitol

Known as a mile-high city, the reality is that you need to climb up to the Colorado State Capitol to be actually a mile up the sea level.

If you are somewhere around Denver, how about you make it official by getting to exactly a place which is a mile high.

There are steps involved in getting it officiated but it is so worth it.

Colorado State Capitol has three designated spaces, granite steps, that are officially granted the status that the city so often claims. This craze aside, you can learn so much about the early history of Denver by visiting this exciting place.

As a testament to the Gold Rush era, you can schedule a free tour of the establishment and admire the novel architecture consists of granite and gold!

Rush to the fun now!

Colorado Symphony

For those who are have not planned for the evening with their partners, how about you skip the bars today and sample some culture at one of the finest and novel concert halls across the nation.

Boettcher Concert Hall was erected in 1978 to much acclaim for its state-of-the-art architecture. This is the first and still the only orchestra hall that offers a 360-degree view of the stage. This is a sight to behold!

There are 2,700 seats in the hall that are ingeniously arranged in such a manner that you will not be more than 85 feet from the center stage, no matter where you are seated. This is a marvel in itself. You can experience a professional symphony orchestra in the hall and be wowed by the beauty of the show.

Andre Litton is the music director of the Colorado Symphony. Under his stewardship, you can also participate in many community programs if you are interested in that sort of thing.

How about you listen first and then explore how they stitch the notes together?

Closing Remarks

Traveling is the primary therapy that we need every now and then to wind up from our routine life. This helps us get our energy levels back and make us more productive once we get back from our sojourn. Talking about getaways, Denver is one of the finest places across the nation that offers so much for everyone, regardless of the preferences and personal tastes. So, be sure to check out the exciting places we marked in this post. You will surely find the spot that just hits it!

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