Top 12 White Cat and Kitten Names

Published on November 18, 2020

Meow! Meow! Meow! It's a typical brisk winter night with the fairly chilled wind blowing. I am out with some friends after a long day for a much-needed dinner. Suddenly, I hear this onomatopoeic meow that was too cute to be ignored, and I was hooked. Much to my joy so was that cotton ball, who later followed me back home and finally decided to mark the place as her own.

Yes! That's the story of Us. Me and my ice-coated ball of fur, Snowy. Isn't this the first thing you want to do when you get your very own snowy angel? To give it a unique name, as tailor-made as is your connection with your kitty. Cause every single one of these majestic creatures surely holds a special place in our hearts.

When we talk about white cats and kittens in particular no matter the breed, we cannot help but get awed by that graceful color. Be it a short-haired crystal or a fluffy marshmallow, that crisp white color definitely serves as an inspiration to give your pet a name.

Keeping in mind the elegance of that royal creature, here are some fun suggestions to help you make a perfect pick when you embark upon the journey to naming your ivory.

Top 12 Awesome White Cat and Kitten Names

2. Blizzard

3. Chowder

4. Coconut

5. Cotton ball

6. Crystal

7. Dove

8. Frost

9. Ivory

10. Marshmallow

11. Snowy

12. January

Top 12 Names for American Shorthair Cats and Kittens

American shorthairs, the ultimate go-to domestic white cats, are an easygoing, friendly feline breed that has dozens of exciting patterns. These cats easily adapt to various styles of living and environments. Spending time playing with their favorite human brings them a lot of joy, and they're also excellent at keeping themselves entertained with fun, interactive toys. Let's dive into our top picks for this mega friendly breed.

1. Angel

2. Blizzard

3. Calla lily

4. Casper

5. Chowder

6. Coconut

7. Cotton ball

8. Crystal

9. Dove

10. Eskimo

11. Frosty

12. Ice

Top 12 Names for Turkish Van Cats and Kittens

Turkish Vans are mostly white cats with a little sparkle of color on the tail and head. They are a very active breed that likes to run, play, and jump. Unlike other cats, they are not afraid of water. instead, they enjoy swimming very much. They are generally aloof and independent cats, who do not like to be touched. However, they do enjoy being around their favorite people and receive that much-deserved petting whenever they desire. So without further ado, let's dive into our top picks for this highly majestic breed.

1. Galaxy

2. Jaws

3. King

4. Knight

5. Nova

6. Sailor

7. Snoopy

8. Ice Cube

9. Bluebell

10. Grace

11. Persia

12. Rumi

Top 12 Names for European Shorthair Cats and Kittens

The European Shorthair is the oldest and the most common European cat breed. Other than white, this breed offers a wide range of amazing patterns and colors. They typically have blue, green, or amber eyes. These cats generally are playful, intelligent, affectionate and a lot of fun to be around. Let's take a look at our customized list for that breed.

1. Marshmallow

2. Milky

3. Opal

4. Pearl

5. Porcelain

6. Powder

7. Snow

8. Snow white

9. Snowball

10. Snowflake

11. Snowstorm

12. Snowy

Top 12 Names for Devon Rex Cats and Kittens

With prominent cheekbones, slender neck, and big eyes, the Devon Rex looks almost cartoonish in its appearance. It's thick, wavy, and short coat comes in white among many other vibrant colors. This breed is exceptionally playful and active. These cats are a perfect fit for families with other pets or kids. Here are the top 12 names for this feline family.

1. Starstruck

2. Sugar

3. Vanilla

4. Yeti

5. Twinkle

6. Aspin

7. Avalanche

8. Bunny

9. Chardonnay

10. Chilly

11. Cottontail

12. Everest

Top 12 White Cat and Kitten Names for Maine Coon

The distinguishing features for this breed are classic long, thick coat, and the muscular build. The Maine coon has various patterns and color combinations, including tabbies, solids, and tortoiseshells. This breed includes laid-back, friendly domestic cats. If you have this gorgeous cat breed, look at the following list to get inspiration for naming your pet.

1. Igloo

2. Jack frost

3. Jon snow

4. Khalessi

5. Moonlight

6. Olaf

7. Polar bear

8. Powderpuff

9. Reisling

10. Snowcap

11. Snowmobile

12. Starlight

Top 12 Cat and Kitten Names for Oriental

The athletic, slender Oriental are typically very chatty, personable, and lively cats who love attention. They easily form strong bonds due to their affectionate nature. They often get so attached to their favorite person that they find it very difficult to adjust to the loss of a family member. Keeping in view their emotional nature, you can choose from the following suggestions to name these loving cats.

1. Ice baby

2. Tofu

3. White claw

4. Blanco

5. Chilly T

6. Pingu

7. Poof

8. Whisper

9.  Snuggles

10. Hugsy

11. Latte

12. Milky way

Top 12 Names for Female White Cats and Kittens

Here is a list of generic names that fit female cats and kittens of any white breed. Be it a high maintenance Persian cat or our very beloved melodramatic vocal Siamese cats this list surely features them all.

1. Alaska

2. Bianca

3. Charmin

4. Clara

5. Elsa

6. Fluffer

7. Freya

8. Halo

9. Lily

10. Paris

11. Saphire

12. Sprinkles

Top 12 Names for Male White Cats and Kittens

In the end, let us wrap this up by brainstorming some lively names for Male White Cats and Kittens. You can draw inspiration from the following list to name our beloved white king that suits his agile, strong, and adventurous soul.

1. Albino

2. Bear

3. Bolt

4. Crest

5. Fog

6. Iceman

7. Mr. Snow

8. Noodles

9. Tic tac

10. Nimbus

11. Bones

12. White walker 

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