Why Aunts Make The Best Babysitters

Published on January 19, 2017

What is it that the best babysitters know? Best is not only a quality to describe what all parents hope their babysitter is! It is also a useful acronym to ensure that a babysitter knows a child's routine prior to being left to look after him or her. Before you as a parent leave your house and leave your kid under another person's care, you have to be sure to go over the fundamentals of your best list - bedtime, entertainment, snacks/meals, and toileting. Who else would be better at taking over your position of looking after your kids like your sister? Wouldn't your sister be the best in implementing all of your requirements for babysitting your children? I think the answer is quite clear, if you ask me. 
When it comes to bedtime, your children's aunt would be sure to have been made aware of the rules you have laid out (e.g., no snacks past 8 PM). If you have a baby, the aunty should be aware of the importance of placing the infant on it's back when it sleeps, even for short naps as well. Bedtime can be a little tricky, especially with hyperactive toddlers or preschoolers. The child's aunt would remember to let your child unwind as bedtime draws nigh and would be well aware of your child's bedtime routine. Aunty would also be informed of her niece/nephew's bedtime problems such as bedwetting or sleepwalking, so it wouldn't come to her as a surprise and she should be able to handle them if any of them were to occur.
Kids enjoy active play so entertainment is very important and aunty should be able to entertain the little ones. She would have ideas for keeping your child entertained. She would also know about the child's favorite activities, games, and toys. If you have a toddler, your sister would know the great importance of never having your baby out of her sight. She would never permit a kid under the age of five to play with a toy smaller than then its fist. And latex balloons are a definite no-no! They are a dangerous choking hazard.
Prior to eating or preparing food once its snack time, the child's aunt would make sure she remembers to always wash her and your child's hands. She ought to be aware no doubt about how important it is that her niece/nephew sit down while eating and not play games while its mealtime since your child may giggle and choke on a mouthful of food. Aunty would have the sense to know that smooth or round food that could easily slide down the airway, like hot dogs or grapes, should never be fed to kids under age 5. Young children just do not have the molar tooth development to be capable of chewing these kinds of foods. The same goes for hard food such as candy. 
Your sister would best be aware of any food allergies your child may have as opposed to a stranger and would only give your child foods you feel safe to feed your child. Aunty would know that food prepared in the microwave should be left to cool off for a couple of minutes before it's taken out. And she'll be sure to test the temperature of all food to ensure it's not too hot.
When it comes to toileting, your sister may use gloves when changing your child's diaper for better hygienic purposes. She would know to always change diapers prior to putting your infant to bed or when getting him or her up. If you have a specific way that you dispose of diapers, your child's aunt would know about it. Aunty would obviously know to wash her hands after removing and disposing of gloves and after helping your kid with toileting.
It is basically because aunty would best know about how you operate with your children and be well aware of her siblings' specific needs that make her the best person suited to be a babysitter for your children.

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